Infratech Innovation Prize 2019


A densely populated country like the Netherlands with its important transit function as a European hub, including the Mainports Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Port of Rotterdam, has always needed innovation when it comes to building, maintaining, renovating and making its infrastructure more sustainable. This requires new ideas and insights that can be realized quickly and on a large scale.

They must be Future Proof.
Being future proof means being open to new skills. Listening to a new generation of technicians and scientists. InfraTech does that through the Innovation Prize. Every two years, more than 50 participants compete for this prize and, in recent years, the trend has been that builders and contractors are increasingly working together. Furthermore, the social importance of the innovations plays just as important a role as pure technology.

Thanks to the InfraTech Innovation Prize, innovative ideas in the field of building, maintenance, renovation, and making our infrastructure more sustainable, are being stimulated. And here we mean infrastructure in the broadest sense of the word e.g.: waterways, railways, cables and pipelines, IT infrastructure, roads, land expansions, industrial complexes, heat transport pipelines, mobility, smart city, etc.

The categories in which one can compete for the prize are:

Product innovation
The 'product innovation' category is for entries in which an existing product has been renewed (improved performance, ease of use, etc.) or a new product has been developed.

Process innovation
The 'process innovation' category is for entries in which a new production process has been developed. This has been achieved through the innovative combination or sequencing of activities to realize existing or new products and / or services.

Innovative cooperation
The 'innovative collaboration' category is for entries in which partners have collaborated in an innovative way, both from the construction sector and from other sectors, in realizing a project / assignment. All chain partners involved in the project are cordially invited to make a joint submission and to indicate in which way each of them has given form to the project and added value to it.

What can you win?
The winner will receive an InfraTech promotion package worth € 2,500 or € 500 in cash.

Register now!
The deadline for register for the InfraTech Innovation Prize is closed. Untill the 12th of October it is possible to send your innovation by sending an e-mail to:

You should carefully read the regulations for the exact requirements.

Important dates

12th October 2018Closing date
4th December 2018Pitch training at the Bouwcampus in Delft
7th December 2018Pitches by the nominees at the Bouwcampus in Delft
16th January 2019Prize-giving ceremony